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As Fully Licensed Real Estate Brokers,

with the designations of



We Have The Additional Experience

To Offer You Superior Service!

We are Licensed Real Estate Brokers with the designations of  

Certified Distressed Property Expert, 

Certified Short Sale Resource, 

Certified Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource
and Certified HAFA Specialist

and we have many years of expirience.


Most agents today are not trained to do short sales.  They take a short

sale listing and then pass your personal information on to a 3rd party unlicensed short sale negotiator to handle the negotiating for them at

your expense or at your buyers expense.


They don't understand the short sale process and they don't want to

do the extra work.


We do all our short sales personally,

we keep all your personal documents private

and we never charge you or your buyers any additional fees.

Actually, we cost you nothing, because your mortgage company

pays our commission.


We understand the idea of losing a home or trying to sell a home can be overwhelming, and we feel it is vital for you to have all the facts necessary to make an informed decision. 

The best course of action for a homeowner is to speak with a

well-informed, licensed real estate professional.

We have the tools needed to help homeowners find the best solution

for their specific situation.


So please, when it's time to choose,


Let Us Help You!!!


“We don't merely assist in selling properties,

we serve and help our clients in need.”


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“Do you want to sell your home,
but still owe more than your home is worth?

Look no further!  Let us help you!



Free of charge to Sellers - We Cost You Nothing !!! 

Contact us for more details.

FREE Consultations


We have found that our clients today have great concerns about their situation.


We are here to help you understand all the options available to you and give you all the facts necessary so that you can  make an informed decision.


If you are thinking about buying, selling, or doing a short sale,please contact us for a FREE consultation.


We can answer your questions.


Knowing your options now, can make all the difference in the world!!!


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Bob Steel & Leah Clark